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Not surprisingly, this issue of the Newsletter concentrates on the impact of COVID-19 on the maritime sector and the actions being undertaken by FONASBA and the international shipping community to mitigate its effects by ensuring the continued movement of goods and services worldwide and to allow the free passaage of seafarers. A copy can be downloaded here.

The contents include reports on:

  • The Meeting of the Executive Committee in Brussels in February
  • Recent Membership News, including the election of 11 new members
  • The launch of two new education initiatives with the World Customs Organisation and the International Chambers of Commerce
  • An update on the status of the FONASBA Quality Standard
  • Progress on the Review of the UNCTAD Minimum Standards for Ship Agents
  • Summary of recent developments in EU Maritime Policy
  • A report on ECASBA’s 2020 European Seminar
  • Photo Pages


The latest FONASBA Annual Update was published in January 2019 and is available for download here

The contents include:

  • 50th Anniversary
  • New President’s message
  • Executive Committee 2018 – 2021
  • New Members, Ukraine, Cameroon, Senegal
  • Education, Young Agent or Broker Award
  • Education, FONASBA Agent Diploma
  • Quality Standards
  • Port Procedures Survey
  • Membership Surveys
  • Standard Document Update
  • Member Association Visits: Morocco, IMO MSC, France, Uruguay
  • Website and Social Media: FONASBA²
  • Cancún Annual Meeting summary
  • ECASBA Seminar
  • Relations with International Organisations, IMO FAL, CMI, IMO Ports Group, United for Wildlife
  • European Developments, ECASBA Advisory Panel 2018 – 2021, Reporting Formalities, Port Reception Facilities, Customs Declarations, Cargoes of Animal Origin, Position Papers
  • Photo pages


The latest FONASBA Annual Update was published at the end of June 2016 and is available for download here

The contents include:

  • Container Weighing
  • New Members
  • Education, Young Agent or Broker Award
  • Quality Standards
  • Port Procedures Survey
  • Membership Surveys
  • Standard Document Update
  • Member Association Visits
  • Website Advertising
  • Social media
  • Annual Meetings  – Vitória, London
  • ECASBA Seminars
  • Relations with International Organisations
  • European Update
  • Photo pages

The New Horizon – Issue 41

  • New Members Elected
  • New President and Executive Committee Elected in Gothenburg
  • FONASBA Opens Flickr and LinkedIn Accounts
  • FONASBA Annual Meeting Gothenburg 2014
  • IMO Actions Update
  • FONASBA Raises New Record Amount for Woolly Hat Day
  • ESW 2015 Update
  • ECASBA Receives Positive Feedback from Commission on Veterinary Checks
  • ECASBA European Seminar 2015
  • Brazil is 2014 Eisbeinessen Partner Country
  • Member Association Reports – Australia
  • Member Association Reports – Denmark
  • Member Association Reports – India
  • Member Association Reports – Israel
  • Member Association Reports – Japan
  • Member Association Reports – Sweden
  • Photo pages

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The New Horizon – Issue 39

  • Current FONASBA Actions Summary Update
  • Liner Agency Agreement Update
  • FONASBA Handbook Status Report
  • IMO-FAL Review
  • IMO Container Weighing Initiative
  • FONASBA Website Education Pages Project Launched
  • Port Procedures Survey Update
  • Recognition and Licensing of Ship Agents
  • FONASBA Signs MoU with WCO
  • Membership News
  • FONASBA Visits to Dubai and Germany
  • Forthcoming Events

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The New Horizon – Issue 37

  • 2012 Annual Meeting Review
  • New Executive Committee Elected
  • Tunisia Elected to Full Membership
  • Revised FONASBA Website Launched
  • FONASBA Annual Meetings 2013 and 2014
  • Tonny Paulsen Awarded Honorary Membership
  • IMO Container Weight Initiative Update
  • FONASBA Port Procedures Survey Goes Live
  • ECASBA Presents Views on e-Maritime

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The New Horizon – Issue 33

  • Sydney Annual Meeting Update
  • ECASBA Brussels Seminar Report
  • FONASBA Quality Standard – Malta and Japan Accredited
  • Europe Consults in Transport Policy, River Transport and Waste Reception
  • ECASBA Advisory Panel and FONASBA Executive Committee Meet
  • NIgeria and Greece Join FONASBA
  • CIANAM Meets in Buenos Aires
  • Port Procedures Survey Review Update
  • Cyprus
  • Slovenia

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The New Horizon – Issue 31

  • Council Elects New Executive Committee at Varna Annual Meeting
  • FONASBA Office Relocates
  • Membership Expands in Turkey and Asia
  • Annual Meeting Varna 2010
  • Quality Standard Update
  • Visa Requirements for Schengen Countries Changed
  • ECASBA Position on Single Windows Noted
  • ECASBA Highlights the Role of the Agent in European Short Sea Course
  • Australia – Update
  • Japan – Open Seminar in Kobe
  • Peru – Pronouncement of the Peruvian Association of Maritime Agents on the Concession of the North T
  • USA – ASBA Cargo Conference another major success

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The New Horizon – Issue 23

  • FONASBA Granted IMO Consultative Status
  • Marrakech Annual Meeting Report
  • Annual Meeting Makes Headlines in Morocco
  • Executive Committee Membership 2006/8
  • European Update
  • ECASBA Seminar 2007

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The New Horizon – Issue 18

  • Advisory Panel and Executive Committee Meet
  • ECASBA attends European Maritime Industries Forum
  • 2005 Annual Meeting
  • Port Services Directive v2 – National action required
  • CIANAM to hold meeting in Uruguay
  • Hellenic Shipbrokers Association elects new Board
  • FONASBA London Secretariat
  • Late News

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