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* President’s introduction
* FONASBA Annual Meeting
* General Meeting
* Quality Standards
* Meetings & Events
* ESPO Award Ceremony
* FONASBA’s actions in the International Maritime Congress
* Eisbeinessen 2023
* FONASBA to the conference of the Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centres
* Aziz Mantrach to Asmex conference
* ShortSea/Huelva Annual Conference
* ECASBA present during European Shipping Summit
* News from members
* New members: Seaharbor Group of Curaçao
* Spokeperson: Mr. Fulvio Carlini
* Social & Agenda
* Education
* Asia Region
* Visit to VISABA, Vietnam
* Africa Region
* Next Executive Commitee meeting



* President’s introduction
* Executive committee updates
* FONASBA annual meeting
* Meetings & events
* European Shipping Summit 2023
* FONASBA docks in Asia
* Madeira Maritime Week
* 107th Anniversary of Centro de Navegación de Uruguay
* Quality Standards
* Education
* Winner of 2023 YABA Award
* Courses
* News from members
* Navigation Center of Argentina Celebrated its 123rd Anniversary
* Shipping Association Malaysia (SAM) joins FONASBA as a full member
* Videogallery
* News from the industry
* IMO new Secretary General
* World Customs Organization
* American Region
* Communication from Marcelo Neri, VP for the Americas


The first edition of FONASBA’s redesigned Newsletter, issue no 57, was distributed to Members on 22nd May.  This edition covered the following topics:

  • A welcome from President Javier E. Dulce
  • A report on the Executive Committee Meeting held in London in March and
  • The nomination of Marcelo Neri of Brazil as RVP Designate for the Americas
  • The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Worldwide Shipping Agencies Association (WWSA)
  • An update on progress in implementing the FONASBA Communications Plan, of which the Newsletter is a key element
  • Update on the 2023 Annual Meeting in Jordan and the awarding of the 2024 and 2025 Annual Meetings to Greece and Turkey respectively
  • Information on the ECASBA European Seminar in Brussels in June
  • Reports on the FQS and education programmes
  • An update on recent maritime policy developments in Europe
  • Member Association News from:
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • France
    • Great Britain
    • Jordan
  • And links to the new FONASBA Spokesperson videos, featuring President Javier Dulce, and Regional Vice Presidents Antonio Belmar da Costa (Europe) and Takazo Iigaki (Asia).


2022 closed with issue 56 of the New Horizon which reported on the following:

  • The appointment to the Executive Committee of Niklas Soltow of Germany as Vice Chair of the Ship Agent Committee and Julio Carrasco of Spain as a Co-opted member
  • The first meeting of the Executive Committee at the new FONASBA Secretariat and the virtual Council Meeting held to attend to the Federation’s financial affairs
  • The launch of the FONASBA Executive Committee Action Plan
  • The 2022 ECASBA European seminar held in Athens and co-hosted by the International Maritime Union
  • An announcement of the winner of the 2022 FONASBA Young Ship Agent or Ship Broker of the Year Award, Nicolas Henrique Marques Esperança de Souza, of Brazil
  • An update on European maritime policy
  • Reports from member associations on their local and regional initiatives over the past year


Issue 55 of the Newsletter was issued in August 2022. Another detailed issue covered:

  • The Antwerp Annual Meeting
  • The election of a new President and Executive Committee
  • Publication of FONASBA’s Infectious Diseases Protocols
  • The appointment of the Standing Committee Vice Chairs and the members of the ECASBA Advisory Panel
  • An update on the FONASBA Quality Standards and the references to it in the UN/CEFACT Recommendation 45, Minimum Standards for Ship Agents and Ship Brokers and the soon to be released GENCON 2022 charterparty
  • The launch of two new education courses, one for agents in the tramp sector in conjunction with the Barcelona Ship Agents Association and the second for new entrants to the ship broking profession hosted by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • The regular update on European maritime policy developments
  • Picture pages covering the Antwerp Annual Meeting and the election of the new President, Javier Dulce of Argentina


Issued at the end of FONASBA’s 2019/20 financial year, this issue provides a short summary of the major events and actions undertaken in the preceding twelve months.  A copy can be downloaded here.

The contents include reports on:

  • The 50th anniversary Annual Meeting in Miami in October 2019
  • The appointment to the Executive Committee of Dr. Dureid Mahasneh as Regional Vice President for the Middle East and South Asia
  • Welcoming eleven new members
  • The launch of the WCO and ICC education programmes
  • Expanding the Quality Standard to more than 40 countries
  • An update on the UNCTAD Minimum Standards project
  • Success in making changes to the EU Veterinary Checks regime
  • A summary of actions taken in conjunction with international association to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on maritime transport


Not surprisingly, this issue of the Newsletter concentrates on the impact of COVID-19 on the maritime sector and the actions being undertaken by FONASBA and the international shipping community to mitigate its effects by ensuring the continued movement of goods and services worldwide and to allow the free passaage of seafarers. A copy can be downloaded here.

The contents include reports on:

  • The Meeting of the Executive Committee in Brussels in February
  • Recent Membership News, including the election of 11 new members
  • The launch of two new education initiatives with the World Customs Organisation and the International Chambers of Commerce
  • An update on the status of the FONASBA Quality Standard
  • Progress on the Review of the UNCTAD Minimum Standards for Ship Agents
  • Summary of recent developments in EU Maritime Policy
  • A report on ECASBA’s 2020 European Seminar
  • Photo Pages


The latest FONASBA Annual Update was published in January 2019 and is available for download here

The contents include:

  • 50th Anniversary
  • New President’s message
  • Executive Committee 2018 – 2021
  • New Members, Ukraine, Cameroon, Senegal
  • Education, Young Agent or Broker Award
  • Education, FONASBA Agent Diploma
  • Quality Standards
  • Port Procedures Survey
  • Membership Surveys
  • Standard Document Update
  • Member Association Visits: Morocco, IMO MSC, France, Uruguay
  • Website and Social Media: FONASBA²
  • Cancún Annual Meeting summary
  • ECASBA Seminar
  • Relations with International Organisations, IMO FAL, CMI, IMO Ports Group, United for Wildlife
  • European Developments, ECASBA Advisory Panel 2018 – 2021, Reporting Formalities, Port Reception Facilities, Customs Declarations, Cargoes of Animal Origin, Position Papers
  • Photo pages


The latest FONASBA Annual Update was published at the end of June 2016 and is available for download here

The contents include:

  • Container Weighing
  • New Members
  • Education, Young Agent or Broker Award
  • Quality Standards
  • Port Procedures Survey
  • Membership Surveys
  • Standard Document Update
  • Member Association Visits
  • Website Advertising
  • Social media
  • Annual Meetings  – Vitória, London
  • ECASBA Seminars
  • Relations with International Organisations
  • European Update
  • Photo pages

The New Horizon – Issue 41

  • New Members Elected
  • New President and Executive Committee Elected in Gothenburg
  • FONASBA Opens Flickr and LinkedIn Accounts
  • FONASBA Annual Meeting Gothenburg 2014
  • IMO Actions Update
  • FONASBA Raises New Record Amount for Woolly Hat Day
  • ESW 2015 Update
  • ECASBA Receives Positive Feedback from Commission on Veterinary Checks
  • ECASBA European Seminar 2015
  • Brazil is 2014 Eisbeinessen Partner Country
  • Member Association Reports – Australia
  • Member Association Reports – Denmark
  • Member Association Reports – India
  • Member Association Reports – Israel
  • Member Association Reports – Japan
  • Member Association Reports – Sweden
  • Photo pages

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