Accredited companies

The FONASBA Quality Standard assists shipowners and operators to identify those agents and brokers who are well-funded and demonstrate a tangible commitment to quality.

The following companies have been awarded the FONASBA Quality Standard:


Green Algerie Agence Maritime Spa
Marmedsa Bemarine Spa
Partner Shipping Agency Sarl
Societe Generale Maritime Gema

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Abbey Sea
Agencia Maritima Dulce
Agencia Maritima Mareas
Agencia Maritima Multimar S.A
Agencia Maritima Nabsa S.A
Agencia Maritima Robinson
Alpemar Shipping Agency
Maritima Heinlein S.A.
Oceanway S.A
Service Management SA
Turner & Williams SA
Ultramar Argentina

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Seaway Agencies
Monson Agencies Australia Pty. Ltd.

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Agence Maritime de L’Escaut BVBA
Belgo-Iberian Maritime n.v.
Best & Osterrieth n.v.
Boeckmans België n.v.
Central Shipping Belgium n.v.
CMA CGM Belgium n.v.
De Baerdemaecker n.v.
Finnlines Belgium n.v.
Gans Transport  b.v.b.a./Gans Cargo Operations Belgium
Herfurth & Co n.v.
Ilomar Agencies n.v.
International Car Operators (ICO) n.v.
John P. Best & Co n.v.
Kennedy Hunter n.v.
Kisa n.v.
Lalemant n.v.
LBH Belgium n.v.
Mariteam Shipping Agencies
Navonus n.v.
Neptumar n.v.
Newman Shipping & Agency Cy n.v.
Promar Agencies Belgium n.v.
P2F Shipping n.v.
Rhenus Logistics n.v.
Safmarine Container Lines n.v.
Sea-Invest Shipping Agency (SISA) n.v.
Verhelst Port Operators n.v.
Vertom Shipping Belgium n.v.
VLS Antwerp n.v.
Vopak Agencies Antwerpen n.v.

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AGEMAR – Transportes e Empreendimentos – Recife
Agência Marítima Cargonave Ltda – Paranaguá
Agência Marítima Cargonave Ltda – São Francisco do Sul
Agência Marítima Granel –  Santos
Agência Marítima Imbituba Ltda – Imbituba
Agência Marítima Orion Ltda – Rio Grande
Agenciamento Marítimo DF Ltda – Porto Alegre
Agenciamento Marítimo DF Ltda –  Rio Grande-RS
Alphamar Agência Marítima Ltda – Paranaguá
Alphamar Agência Marítima Ltda – São Luís
AMRG Agencia Marítima Ltda – Rio Grande
Bahiaship Agência Marítima – Salvador
Bahia Tankers Agência Marítima Ltda – Salvador
Casa Marítima Agenciamentos Ltda – Salvador
Heytor Gusmão Comércio e Representações Ltda – Cabedelo
JSF Logística Portuária Ltda – Cabedelo/PB
Lachmann Agência Marítima Ltda – Rio de Janeiro
NML Nordeste Marítima Ltda – Salvador
NYK  Line do Brasil Ltda –  Santos
NYK  Line do Brasil Ltda –  São Paulo
Orion Rodos Marítima e Portuária Ltda –  Vitória
Pennant All Flags Agenciamento Ltda – Rio de Janeiro
Pennant All Flags Agenciamento Ltda –  Vitória
Port Logistic Agência Marítima Ltda. – Rio de Janeiro
Poseidon Marítima Ltda – Serra/ ES
Sagres Agenciamentos Marítimos –Rio Grande
Smart Offshore  Agência Marítima do Brasil Ltda – Rio de Janeiro
Tranships Agenciamentos Maritimos Ltda – Rio Grande
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Curitiba
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Itajai
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Paranaguá
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Porto Alegre
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Recife
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Rio Grande
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Rio de Janeiro
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – São Paulo
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – Santos
Uniport Agencia Marítima Ltda –  Vitória
Unimar Agenciamentos Marítimos Ltda – São Luís
Victoria Agencia Marítima Ltda – Vitória
Wilson Sons Agência Marítima Ltda- Fortaleza
Wilson Sons Agência Marítima Ltda-Imbituba
Wilson Sons Agência Marítima Ltda-Itajaí
Wilson Sons Agência Marítima Ltda- Paranaguá
Wilson Sons Agência Marítima ltda – Santos
Wilson Sons Agência Marítima Ltda- São Francisco do Sul

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Adriatik Servis
Aurora Navigatio
CMA CGM Croatia
Croatia Chartering
Dragon Maritime Adria d.o.o.
Global Agent d.o.o.
Liburnia Maritime Agency
Rea Dubrovnik

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Albo Navigation Ltd.
Amathus Aegeas Ltd.
Comarine Shipping- Travel and Tourism
EDT Agency Services Ltd.
Feeder Shipping Agency Network Ltd.
Gulf Agency Co. (Cyprus) Ltd.
Hull Blyth Araouzos
Lavar Shipping Co Ltd.
Mantovani Navigation Ltd.
Nakaufreight Ltd.
Orphanides & Murat Ltd.
Shoham Cyprus Ltd.
Solomonides Shipping Ltd.

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A/S J. Lauritzens Eftf.
Aage Andersen & Co. ApS
Baltic Shipping Company A/S
Bay Shipping A/S
Blue Star Line A/S
BHS Shipping
Carl Elgaard Shipping ApS
Charles Petersen Vejle A/S
COSCO Shipping Lines (Denmark) A/S
Fredericia Shipping A/S
G. Sunesen ApS
Great Belt Agencies A/S
Holger Kristiansens Eftf. A/S
Holship Danmark A/S
JMB Bjerrum & Jensen ApS
Johannes Petersen A/S
JP Agencies ApS
Juhl & Ehrhorn ApS
Motorships Agencies A/S
Niels Winther & Co. ApS
North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers ApS
Saga Shipping A/S
Schultz Shipping A/S
SDK Shipping Aabenraa A/S
SDK Shipping Kalundborg A/S
SDK Shipping Koege A/S
SDK Shipping A/S
Skive Shipping
Svane Shipping A/S
Thalund Shipping ApS
Thomas Wang a/s
Schultz Shipping Copenhagen A/S
Vordingborg Shipping A/S


Faroe Maritime Services

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Kanoo Shipping

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ARKAS “Egypt”
Eagle Marine Services
Egymar Shipping & Logistics Com
EMCO Logistics
EMCO Shipping
ESG Shipping & Logistics S.A.E.
Finmar Shipping Co. S.A.E.
Kadmar Shipping Com.
Mediterranean Shipping Agency EGY (MSC)
Middle East Logistics and Consultant Group (MELC Group)
Pan Marine Shipping Services
Racotis For Shipping
Transmisr Transportations and Trading (TMT)
Yang Ming Shipping “Egypt”

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Member company applications pending


Agence Maritime Lorientaise, Lorient
Agence Maritime Thomas, La Rochelle
BLP Shipping, La Rochelle
Blue Water Shipping SARL, Lorient
Currie Nord Dunkerque, Couderkerque-Branche
Forest Agency Service Terminal (FAST), La Rochelle-Pallice
G. Féron et E. de Clebsattel, Groupe Sealogis, Le Havre
Lemaire V Shipping, Dunkerque
Mathez Transports Internationaux, Nice
MSC France, Paris
Promaritime International, Rouen
Provermarine Shipping Agencies, Rouen
Sea Invest Nantes
Sea Invest Shipping Agency  Bordeaux, Bassens
Sea Invest Shipping Agency Dunkerque, Dunkerque
Sea Invest Shipping Agency Le Havre, Le Havre
Sea Invest Shipping Agency Martigues, Martigues
Sea Invest Shipping Agency Rouen, Grand-Couronne
Sea Invest Shipping Agency St. Nazaire/Montoir, Montoir de Bretagne
Shipping Agency Service (Groupe Naxco), Le Havre
SNC Le Roux, Concarneau
SOGEBRAS, Bourguenais
Somaloir – Montoir de Bretagne
Stocaloire Montoir (Sea Invest Group), Montoir de Bretagne
Transit Dekeirel et Hardebolle, Dunkerque
Union Amoricaine de Transports (UAT Raillard), Brest
Voyages C. Mathez, Nice
Worms MTTM, Montoir de Bretagne
Worms SM, Paris

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Active Chartering
Allied Coasters
Argosea Services Ltd
Cargo Services UK Ltd
Casper Shipping
Clarkson Port Services
Cory Bros Shipping Agency
Denholm Barwil
George Hammond
G.T. Gillie & Blair Ltd
Grange Shipping
Imerys Minerals
Inchcape Shipping Services UK
John Good Shipping
John Jolly
JSA Global
Kestrel Liner Agencies
Mair C.A. (Shipping)
MMD Shipping Services
PD Ports
Searoute Port Services
Seletar Shipping Ltd
Wainwright Bros & Co
Wessex Shipping Agency (Bristol)

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Holland Hellenic Shipping Agencies Ltd.

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Plimsoll Kft, Budapest

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A. Rosenfeld Shipping Ltd.
A&A Shipping and Logistics.
Allalouf & Co. Shipping Ltd.
Arkor Shipping Ltd.
Associated Maritime Agencies AMA Ltd.
Carmel International Shipping Agencies Ltd.
Clipper Shipping Co. Ltd.
Coral Maritime Services Ltd.
Cosco Shipping Lines (Israel) Company 2016 Ltd.
Dynamic Shipping Services (DSS) Ltd.
Gold Line Shipping Ltd.
Green Shipping Ltd.
Israel Scandinavia Maritime Agency Ltd.
Kamor Shipping Services Ltd.
Konmart (Ship Agents) Ltd.
Kargo Marine Ltd.
Lucy Borchard Shipping Ltd.
Maersk Israel Ltd.
MANO Maritime Ltd.
Packo Shipping Ltd.
Tiran Shipping 1997 Ltd.
Y. Sassover Ltd.
Zim Integrated Shipping Services, M. Dizengoff & Co. Ltd.

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Civitavecchia Shipping SRL
Marinter Shipping Agency SRL
Medov Civitavecchia SRL
Medov SRL
Panama SRL
Ship & Crew Services SRL

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Ben Line Agencies Japan
Daiko Sangyo Co. Ltd.
Heisei Shipping Agencies
Hesco Agencies
Inchcape Shipping Services (Japan)
Kuribayashi & Co
Naikai Shipping Co., Ltd.
Nissin Corporation
Senwa Maritime Agency
Shibaura Tsusen Kaisha
Toko Service Co.
Tokyo Marine Service
Yamamizu Shipping Co. Ltd. (formerly Exeno Yamamizu Corporation)
YCS Co. Ltd

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Express Shipping & Logistics (EA) Ltd

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Continental Shipping Agencies SARL
Edouard Cordahi Shipping Agency
El-Fil Shipping SAL
Henry Heald & Co SAL
Lotus Shipping Agencies
Merit Shipping SAL
MSC Lebanon SARL
Sea Dragon SARL
Sealine SAL
The Levant Shipping Agency (Fouad A. Khayat & Co) SAL

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Calpac Traders Ltd
Carmelo Caruana Co. Ltd
Focal Maritime Services Co. Ltd.
Gollcher Co. Ltd
J.B. Sorotto Ltd
Mediterranean Trading and Shipping Co. Ltd.
Medsea Shipping Agency
O.F. Gollcher & Sons Ltd
Ronasons International Ltd.
Seatrans Shipping Ltd
S. Mifsud and Sons Ltd.
Sullivan Maritime Ltd
Sullivan Shipping Agencies Ltd
The Mercantile Shipping and Coaling Co., Bianchi and Co. (1916) Ltd.
Thomas Smith & Co. Ltd.
W.J. Parnis England Ltd

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Agencia Consignataria del Golfo, S.A. de C.V.   “GOLMAR”
Agencia Naviera de Mexico AGNAMEX
Agencia Naviera JCR, S.A. de C.V.
Agencia Rojas, Vela y Asociados, S.A. de C.V.   “ROVESA”
Altamaritima S.A. de C.V.
APL México S.A. de C.V.
CMA CGM Mexico
Mediterranean Shipping Company México, S.A. de C.V.
Navieros & Consgnaciones S.A. de C.V.
Representaciones Maritimas MARITIMEX
Representaciones Transpacificas, Transpac S.A. de C.V.

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ADATRA – Casablanca
AGTT- Casablanca
BABMARSA Babord Maroc – Casablanca
Global Container Agency Maroc – Casablanca
Globe Marine – Casablanca
Harbor & Maritime Services Agency (HAMAG) – Casablanca
Lasry Maroc – Casablanca
Loadline – Casablanca
Marbar Maritime – Casablanca
Maritime Ship Services – Casablanca
Naxco Shipping & Logistics MAROC
Paquet Afrique – Agadir
Seatrade – Mohammedia
Sfaa Shipping – Nador
Sigma Shipping – Casablanca
Société Maritime & De Transit du Souss – Agadir
SNTC – Agadir
Tarros Maroc – Casablanca
Transports Internationaux Philippe Peschaud – Casablanca
Transports Marocains – Casablanca
Union Maritime et Minière – Casablanca
Wafa Shipping – Casablanca

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BMA Cargadoors B.V.
Boeckmans Nederland B.V.
Broekman Shipping B.V.
CMA CGM (Holland) B.V.
Dynamic Port Agencies B.V.
Euro Nordic Logistics B.V.
Evergreen Shipping Agency (Netherlands) B.V.
Fairway Shipping Agencies B.V.
Frachtcontor Junge B.V.
GAC Netherlands Ltd.
Gans Transport B.V.
Graypen B.V.
Herfurth Shipping B.V.
Koninklijke Burger Groep B.V.
MariTeam Shipping Agencies
MSC (Nederland) B.V.
Neptumar B.V.
Oudkerk B.V.
Ovet Shipping B.V.
Promar Agencies (the Netherlands) B.V.
Rhenus Logistics B.V.
Steder Group Agencies B.V.
Trans-Saar B.V.
Verenigd Cargadoorskantoor B.V.
Vertom Agencies B.V.
Vopak Agencies B.V.
Wijnne & Barends Agency B.V.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service B.V.
Wilson Agency B.V.

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Empresa Maritima del Sur S.A.C.
Maritima Mercantil SAC
Nautilius S.A.
Terminales Portuarios Peruanos SAC
Transtotal Agencia Maritima S.A.

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Atlantic Lusofrete – Afretamentos e Navegação, Lda
Bensaúde – Agentes de Navegação, Lda
Burmester & Stuve Navegação, S.A.
Garland Navegação, Lda
Green Ibérica – Agentes Marítimos, Comércio e Transportes, Lda
Ibero Linhas Transportes, Lda
ICC – Agência de Navegação e de Transportes Terrestre, S.A.
MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company (Portugal), S.A.
Navex – Empresa Portuguesa de Navegação, S.A.
Orey Comércio e Navegação, S.A.
Pinto Basto Navegação, S.A.
Pinto Basto IV, Serviços Marítimos,Lda.
Sofrena- Sociedade de Afretamentos e Navegação, S.A.

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Cambiaso & Risso
E. H. Harms Car Shipping Avtotransport Koper d.o.o.
Globus Shipping Agecny
Interagent Shipping Agency Co

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Ceferino Nogueira
P&J Carrasco
Perez Y Cia
Simon Montolio Y Cia

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AF Shipping AB, Umea
Albatross Marine Chartering, Valdermarsvik
Andersson & Lundqvist AB, Gavle
Andersson & Lundqvist, Söderhamn
Askala Shipping AB, Oskarshamn
Becoship AB, Karlshamn
Bergdahl & Co., Karlshamn
Björsbo Shipping AB, Hargshamn
Brofjorden Ship Agency AB, Lysekil
Bror Andrén AB, Karlstad
Bröderna Höglund Agency AB, Kalmar
Carl E Ekman Slite, AB, Slite
Carl E Ekman, AB, Visby
Citadel Shipping AB, Helsingborg
Dalarö Agency AB, Saltsjobaden
Europa Transport AB, Norrkoping
Ferm & Olsson Brofjorden AB, Lysekil
Ferm & Olsson Stenungsund AB, Stenungsund
GAC Sweden AB, Göteborg
GAC Sweden AB, Lysekil
Gillis Shipping AB, Karlshamn
GAC Sweden AB, Nynashamn
GAC Sweden AB, Stockholm
Gothenburg Shipagency AB, Göteborg
Gävle Skeppsklarering AB, Gavle
Hansell Shipping AB, Soraker
Hasting Agency AB, Malmo
Hasting Schultz Shipping AB, Lodgatan
Helge Josephson, AB, Nordmaling
Ivar Lundh & Co AB, Stockholm
J Arndt Shipping, Iggesund
Johan Nilsson & Co AB, Kalmar
Joship AB, Göteborg
Jönsson Novabolagen AB, Norrkoping
L Svensson Shipping AB, Malmo
Landskrona Ship Agent AB, Landskrona
Lindéns Fritz Nilssons Eftr AB, Ahus
Lindholm Shipping AB, Helsingborg
Lindholm Shipping, Malmö
Magnusson Shipping, Vareberg
Mönsterås Hamn AB, Monsteras
Nautic Shipping, Gavle
Nynäshamns Skeppsmäkleri, AB, Nynashamn
OP Ship AB
PJ Haegerstrand, AB, Gavle
Samskip AB, Varberg
SCA Logistics AB, Holmsund
SCA Logistics, Sundsvall
Scanlog Ship Agencies
Scan-Shipping AB, Helsingborg
Scan-Shipping AB, Göteborg
Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB, Oxelösund
Shipsforsale Sweden AB, Stockholm
SP Pettersson AB, Göteborg
Stem Shipping, Lidingö
Sweden Transport & Logistic Shipping AB (STL Shipping), Göteborg
Sölvesborgs Skeppsmäkleri, AB, Solvesborg
Th Schele, AB, Halmstad
Trans Shipping Services, Ornskoldsvik
TSA Agency Sweden AB, Göteborg
TSA Tanker Shipping AB, Göteborg
Vald. Anderson Shipagency AB, Frolunda
Wramfelt Maritime AB, Landskrona

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All Seas Shipping Agency – La Goulette

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ACGI Shipping, Inc.
American Shipping and Chartering
AR Savage & Son, LLC.
Basden Agencies, Inc.
Biehl & Co
Blue Water Shipping Company
Bulkship Maritime Agency, Inc.
Cascade Marine Agencies Ltd
Fillette, Green Shipping Services (USA) Corp.
GAC Shipping (USA), Inc.
General Steamship Agencies, Inc.
Gulf Harbor Shipping, LLC
Host Agency
Inchcape Shipping Services
John S Connor, Inc.
Lott Ship Agency, Inc.
Luis A Ayala Colon Sucrs., Inc.
Max Shipping, Inc.
Mentz Maritime Agency, Inc.
Mid-Gulf Shipping Company, Inc.
Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc.
Moran-Gulf Shipping Agencies, Inc.
Newship, Inc.
Nord-Sud Shipping, Inc.
North American Shipping Agencies
Norton Lilly International
Peabody & Lane Corporation
Riley-Sherman Shipping Agency, Inc.
SMK Tanker Agency Inc.
Southport Agencies, Inc.
Transmarine Navigation Corporation
Tormar, Inc.
Valls Ship Agencies, LP

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Advanced Maritime Services S.A.
Multimar Uruguay – Rabit S.A.
S.A.F. y C.J.R. Williams

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