World Customs Organisation – Customs Training Courses

FONASBA is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with the World Customs Organisation’s education provider, the WCO Academy, to offer access to its detailed and comprehensive customs education and training courses to FONASBA members and, in the case of associations, to their member companies.

A good understanding of customs procedures is vital to anyone working in the ship agency sector and particularly those working in the documentation departments of liner shipping companies.

The WCO Academy courses cover a wide variety of subjects including Customs Valuation, the Harmonised System, Single Windows, the Authorised Economic Operator Scheme, the SAFE Framework of Standards and the Trade Facilitation and Kyoto Agreements.

All of the courses are delivered by e-learning and are available in English. Some are also delivered in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Many of them feature a free “taster” session through which prospective purchasers can obtain an insight to the content and scope of the course.

An information sheet for FONASBA member association companies can be found here.

Volume discounts on the published WCO course prices are available to an association or company that purchases two or more courses.  These discounts are only available on courses that are booked via the links on this site. The prices of the courses vary by subject and level of discount depends on the number purchased in each transaction.

Further general information on the courses can be found in this presentation and the introductory video below.  More detailed information can also be found here. This link above can also be used for applications for individual courses.

Corporate purchasers wishing to purchase a number of courses should however click here to access the online order form.