FONASBA Young Ship Agent or Ship Broker Award


Entries are  now open for the 2017 Young Ship Agent or Shipbroker Award. Applicants must be aged under 40 at the time of making their entry and be employed by a company that is a member of FONASBA national association or is itself an Associate of Club Member.

Whilst largely unchanged from the previous two years, the 2017 criteria do include for the first time both a number of suggested topics which candidates may wish to consider and a minimum limit of 5,000 words in order to ensure the entries cover their chosen subjects in sufficient detail to ensure that they are consistent with the acquirement that they  make a positive and well- researched contribution to FONASBA’s knowledge resources.

We would stress that the topics mentioned in the criteria are for guidance only. There is no  obligation whatsoever on entrants to write on  one of those topics, the subject choice remains with the candidate at all times.

As in the previous two years, candidates are invited to submit a short (one page) synopsis of the subject and coverage of their proposed entry to the Review Committee by 1st March 2017

The full 2017 criteria can be found here.  Synopses and entries should be sent to


FONASBA is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2016 Young Ship Agent or Broker Award for 2016 is Tim Polson MICS, a shipbroker with Australian Independent Shipbrokers, a division of Asiaworld Shipping Services (Pty) Ltd, itself a member of Shipping Australia Ltd.

Tim’s paper was entitled “The Role of the Shipbroker in the Break-Bulk, Multipurpose & Heavy-Lift Sector” and analysed the unique role of a Shipbroker trading in a small niche market within the Multipurpose/Heavy lift (MPP/HLV) Shipping Sector. In announcing the award, the Chairman of the Review Committee, former FONASBA President and Honorary Member Gunnar J. Heinonen, said of the entry: “It was incredibly well written, using excellent and engaging examples. Polson has shown a good appreciation of the cargo and ship board operations relevant to the multi-purpose and heavy lift sectors and a depth of knowledge about the relevant ports.  Furthermore he has recognised the need for the broker to maintain the core values of trust, integrity, authority and market intelligence, whilst at the same time seeking to expand on the range of services provided to the principal”.

A copy of the winning entry can be found here and of the official press release here.

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Tim joined delegates and guests at the Gala Dinner to celebrate the conclusion of the 2016 Annual Meeting in London on Friday 21st October, where he received his prizes, as last year generously sponsored by BIMCO and ITIC, and addressed those present, including the Lord Mayor of London, Lord Mountevans. A copy of his speech can be found here.


An eBook containing all the entries for the 2015 Young Ship Agent and Ship Broker Award was published on Friday 8th January.

The impressive publication includes all seven entries for the inaugural award as well as introductions from the President, Glen Gordon Findlay, the Vice President for Education Capt. Jakov Karmelić and Award Review Committee Chairman Gunnar J. Heinonen. Both award sponsors, ITIC and BIMCO, are also represented. Details of how to enter the 2016 Award are also provided.

Writing in his introduction, Glen Gordon Findlay said “Reading the papers also demonstrates the passion that our younger members have for our industry and their concern that whatever the future influences there are on it, the ship agent and ship broker will continue to play a vital role in the effective and efficient movement of goods by sea. With this level of commitment and enthusiasm being shown by our younger members, we can be confident that our profession is in safe hands for many years to come”.

A copy of the eBook can be downloaded here: YOUNG AGENT AND BROKER AWARD 2015 EBOOK


Following from the success of the first Young Ship Agent or Ship Broker award, FONASBA has now launched the 2016 award, which is once again generously supported by our colleagues at BIMCO and ITIC. The criteria for the award are unchanged so in summary we are once more inviting employees (aged 40 or under) of companies that are members of a FONASBA national association or directly employed by a FONASBA Club or Associate Member to submit a paper of up to 10,000 words on a subject related to the ship agency or ship broking professions or the wider maritime sector. The detailed award criteria, including the relevant deadlines for submitting initial summaries and the finished paper, can be downloaded here: YOUNG SHIP AGENT-BROKER AWARD 2016 – CRITERIA v2 JANUARY 2016.

The winner of the Award will be invited to attend the Gala Dinner at the 2016 Annual Meeting in the London to receive their prize. The Award Review Committee look forward to receiving your entries and to making the 2016 Award another very successful event.

All questions relating to the Award criteria, eligibility or other matters should be addressed to Sara Robeznik at the FONASBA Secretariat:



A total of seven entries for the inaugural Young Ship Agent or Broker Award were received by the Award Review Panel. The papers were scrutinised over the summer by the Panel, consisting of former FONASBA President and Honorary Member Gunnar J. Heinonen (Chairman) FONASBA Vice President for Education Capt. Jakov Karmelic, and Charlotte Kirk FICS representing ITIC, one of the prize sponsors.

On 15th August, Mr. Heinonen announced that the winner of the Award was Renan Queiroz, a ship agent with Wilson Sons Ltda., of Brazil. Our congratulations go to Mr. Queiroz and also to the other six entrants for their excellent papers. Mr. Queiroz attended the FONASBA Annual Meeting in Vitória, Brazil in October where he received his prizes, which were generously donated by ITIC and BIMCO.


Renan Queiroz, winner of the 2015 Award, receives his prize from FONASBA President Glen Gordon Findlay at the 2015 Annual Meeting in Vitoria

A copy of the press release issued by FONASBA on 17th August can be found here.