FONASBA ACB Liner Shipping Transportation Course

April 2024: 14th Liner Shipping Transportation Course Launched

In partnership with the Barcelona Shipping Agents’ Association, ACB, we are pleased to announce the launch of the 14th FONASBA/ACB Liner Shipping Transportation Course, which will run from 6th April to 21st June 2024.

To date more than 100 students from FONASBA members in Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dubai, Greece, India, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Malta, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, North Macedonia, Panama, Slovenia and Turkey have taken the course, along with nearly 700 in Spain.

Unlike other FONASBA-supported courses, it has a set structure, comprising ten modules built around a series of video lectures provided by senior members of the Spanish liner shipping sector. Those video lectures are also available for offline viewing for students in other time zones. Students also have access to a comprehensive set of supporting resources, including the opportunity to exchange comments and questions with the lecturers in a series of tutorials. In view of the delivery method, this course has fixed start and finish dates.

Applications should be made without delay. The next course will not be held until  April 2024 so early registration is recommended.

The course is administered by ACB and full details of the course content, and duration, the lecturers, learning materials,  the fees payable and other information are provided in the course booklet that can be found here. The main points are summarised below. The course information pack can be found here.

Adequately and appropriately trained liner agency staff are vital for supporting your principals. FONASBA therefore recommends that your company enters its employees in this course.

A summary of course details are included in the course booklet within the information pack.

Course Commitment:
It is anticipated that the course will take approximately 60 hours to complete all ten modules.

Course Fees:
The cost of the course, including all course materials and the module assessment fees is €650.00, plus VAT if applicable. Payment must be made by bank transfer (credit card payments are not possible) and details will be provided on registration. Entry to the course will only be provided once payment is received.

Student Registration:
It is not possible for students based in Spain to register for this course via FONASBA. Students in Spain should register directly with ACB.  Companies wishing to register their employees should do so by contacting ACB at: with a copy to FONASBA at: The email should include confirmation of which FONASBA national association the company is a member.

Study Programme:
Once registered, students will be contacted directly by ACB who will provide all the relevant information, including study resources, details of how to access the online lectures, contact details for tutors and the dates by which the module assessments have to be completed.

Notification of results:
The student will be notified by ACB on successful completion of the course and will receive a certificate and statement of completion.

For more information please download the full prospectus document here.

Further questions:
Additional questions can be send to the course organisers at: