International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – Global Trade Online Training Courses

Following the recent agreement with the World Customs Organisation to provide customs training, FONASBA is pleased to announce that it has now linked up with the educational arm of the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy, to grant privileged and discounted access for FONASBA members, and their member companies, to the ICC international trade training courses.

As with customs procedures, a good understanding of commercial trade terms including Incoterms® Rules, import and export procedures as well as trade finance, including documentary credits and other instruments, is of prime importance to anyone working in the ship agency sector.

An information flyer for company members of national associations, as well as Associate members can be found here.

All the above-mentioned courses are delivered via the ICC Academy’s dynamic e-learning platform and is available in English. The Incoterms® 2020 Certificate is available in both English and Spanish. Summaries of the main courses can be found below and further details of all the courses can be found on the ICC website using this dedicated link. Individual purchasers can also purchase courses online using that link. Payment by credit card will be required.

Volume discounts on the published ICC course prices are not available by that route. FONASBA associations or member companies wishing to purchase a large number of courses  should therefore contact ICC directly by email to: . The prices of the courses vary by subject and level of discount depends on the number purchased in each transaction. For instant access via email, click on the link below.