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The first edition of FONASBA’s redesigned Newsletter, issue no 57, was distributed to Members on 22nd May.  This edition covered the following topics:

  • A welcome from President Javier E. Dulce
  • A report on the Executive Committee Meeting held in London in March and
  • The nomination of Marcelo Neri of Brazil as RVP Designate for the Americas
  • The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Worldwide Shipping Agencies Association (WWSA)
  • An update on progress in implementing the FONASBA Communications Plan, of which the Newsletter is a key element
  • Update on the 2023 Annual Meeting in Jordan and the awarding of the 2024 and 2025 Annual Meetings to Greece and Turkey respectively
  • Information on the ECASBA European Seminar in Brussels in June
  • Reports on the FQS and education programmes
  • An update on recent maritime policy developments in Europe
  • Member Association News from:
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • France
    • Great Britain
    • Jordan
  • And links to the new FONASBA Spokesperson videos, featuring President Javier Dulce, and Regional Vice Presidents Antonio Belmar da Costa (Europe) and Takazo Iigaki (Asia).

The New Horizon – Issue 36

  • 2012 Annual Meeting – Latest Update
  • New Members Elected
  • FONASBA Future Development Update
  • ECASBA European Seminar Summary
  • ECASBA Attends European Maritime Day 2012
  • FONASBA Visits Member Associations
  • FONASBA Suports Container Weighing Initiative in IMO
  • Member Association Reports
  • Picture Pages

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The New Horizon – Issue 35

  • 2012 Events Update
  • FONASBA Book and PR Initiatives Get Underway
  • FONASBA Endorses Norwegian SALEFORM Revision
  • Quality Standard – JAFSA Holds Presentation Ceremony
  • ITIC Issues Latest Claims Review
  • CIANAM Meets in Brazil
  • Australia
  • Croatia
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Late News – Belgium
  • USA

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The New Horizon – Issue 32

  • Sydney Annual Meeting Update
  • ECASBA Brussels Seminar Update
  • FONASBA Quality Standard – Finland Accredited
  • Norway Initiates Saleform Revision
  • ECASBA Contributes to Consultation on Waste Inspections
  • ECASBA Reviews Transport White Paper
  • ECASBA Re-affirms Views in Pilotage Exemption Certificate Criteria
  • CIANAM to Meet in Buenos Aires
  • ECASBA Reviews ENS/EXS Implementation Post 01.01.2011
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Great Britain
  • Turkey
  • USA

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The New Horizon – Issue 31

  • Council Elects New Executive Committee at Varna Annual Meeting
  • FONASBA Office Relocates
  • Membership Expands in Turkey and Asia
  • Annual Meeting Varna 2010
  • Quality Standard Update
  • Visa Requirements for Schengen Countries Changed
  • ECASBA Position on Single Windows Noted
  • ECASBA Highlights the Role of the Agent in European Short Sea Course
  • Australia – Update
  • Japan – Open Seminar in Kobe
  • Peru – Pronouncement of the Peruvian Association of Maritime Agents on the Concession of the North T
  • USA – ASBA Cargo Conference another major success

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The New Horizon – Issue 25

  • IMO Consultative Status Confirmed
  • Peruvian Association Joins FONASBA
  • FONABA Quality Standard Launched
  • 2007 Annual Meeting Report
  • Recent Membership Detail Changes
  • Commission Publishes Communications on Logistics, Maritime, and Port Policy
  • Visit to Brussels November 2007
  • ECASBA Brussels Seminar 2008

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