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FONASBA is honoured to have been recognised as the “Best Maritime Organisation” at the 2018 SHIPTEK International Maritime Awards event held in Dubai on 1st May 2018. FONASBA was represented at the awards ceremony by Nayana Nandkumar, our Deputy Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East and Manager of the Dubai Shipping Agents Association.

Thanking SHIPTEK for the Award, FONASBA President John A. Foord FICS said that it was very welcome, and much appreciated, acknowledgement of FONASBA’s standing as a high-profile and effective international maritime organisation.

Please find below photographs of Nayana receiving the award from Dr. Rashid Alleem, Chairman of the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) and joining with the other prize-winners on the night.


FONASBA and BIMCO are once again joining forces the present a webinar on the new General Agency Agreement form launched earlier this year.  It will take place at 10.00 a.m. Central European Summer Time (08.00 GMT) on Thursday 5th April. As with the joint webinar on the Agency Appointment Agreement last year, FONASBA President John A. Foord FICS and BIMCO Documentary Committee Member Han van Blanken will discuss the details of the new document and then answer questions from Luis Bernat FICS of the Danish Shipbrokers’ Association.

Anyone wishing to view the webinar is invited to register using the online form that can be found at:

Further information on the webinar can be found on the flyer here.

For those unable to view the webinar live, a recording of it will be available via this website shortly after the transmission. Further information will follow.


It has come to our attention that some “” email addresses, which are only issued to serving members of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat, have been hijacked for “phishing” purposes. We have managed to avoid this for many years but it was inevitable that our domain would be targeted at some time. As a result, any email that appears to come from such an address that does not look or read right should be carefully checked (a useful  series of tests is listed in this guidance note) before clicking on any of the embedded links or opening any attachments.

Unfortunately it is not possible to automatically block or restrict these emails. We apologise for any inconvenience or concern this may cause and thank you for your vigilance in checking any suspect emails.


FONASBA and BIMCO have today (Tuesday 5th December) launched the latest in its suite of agency documents, the General Agency Agreement (GAA). Complimenting the Agency Appointment Agreement (AAA) launched earlier this year, the GAA is designed to cover the appointment of an agent for a longer period, or over a wider range of ports, than the AAA.

The GAA is in the same box-format as the AAA and shares common terms, layout and other features designed to ensure the two documents are consistent and interchangeable.

Further information on the new form, including sample copies and a set of explanatory notes, can be found here.


ECASBA Plenary Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 ECASBA Plenary Meeting

ECASBA Brussels Representation

An initial proposal by ECASBA Chairman Antonio Belmar da Costa for the appointment of a Brussels representative for ECASBA.

Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Meeting

ITIC Claims Review 2017  

An update from Andrew Jamieson, Claims Director of ITIC, on the issues giving rise to claims by ship brokers and ship agents in the last year.

BIMCO Documentary Committee Update 

A presentation by Francis Sarre, Chairman of BIMCO’s Documentary Committee, on the documents under discussion by the Committee over the past year.

INTERTANKO Documentary Committee Update

Michele White, Legal Counsel to INTERTANKO, summarises the recent work of the INTERTANKO Documentary Committee .

The Shipbrokers’ Facebook page 

An introduction by Mohamed El Mezouar, Vice Chairman of the Chartering & Documentary Committee, to the new Facebook page dedicated to shipbrokers and shipbroking issues.

Liner & Port Agency Committee Plenary Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Liner & Port Agency Committee Plenary Meeting

CIANAM Range Committee Report

A report on recent activity in CIANAM, the regional ship agents’ association for the Americas.

The FONASBA Quality Standard

An update on the status of the Quality Standard, presented by FONASBA General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS

The FONASBA/BIMCO General Agency Agreement 

An introductory presentation by Simone Carlini MICS on the new agency appointment document being developed by FONASBA and BIMCO

E-Maritime Update 

A presentation by Jonathan Williams on the current status of the e-Maritime programmes by IMO and the European Commission.

Container Weighing Update 2017 

A summary of the present state of container weighing one year on from the implementation of the SOLAS VI.2 Regulation amendments.

Council Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Council Meeting

Reports from FONASBA Regional Vice Presidents on membership, Quality Standard and other activities in their regions over the past year :

  • Africa and the Middle East – presented by Aziz Mantrach, Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East
  • The Americas – presented by Javier Dulce, Regional Vice President for the Americas
  • Asia – presented by Takazo Iigaki, Regional Vice President for Asia
  • Europe – presented by Antonio Belmar da Costa, Regional Vice President for Europe

FONASBA Education Update. Presentations on two new education initiatives:

The FONASBA Agent Diploma 

An update by Jeanne Cardona of ASBA

The SAIL Programme 

An introduction to a new education and work exchange programme by Antonio Belmar da Costa, ECASBA Chairman

FONASBA Website Update 

Details of two new developments to enhance the value of the FONASBA website, presented by Jonathan Williams.

The Arab Federation of Chambers of Shipping  

A presentation by AFCS Chairman Admiral M. Hatim El Kady on the recent work of the Federation.

Annual Meeting 2018 

An update by Felipe Bracamontes Venegas, President of AMANAC on the programme for the 2018 Annual Meeting in Cancun.

Annual Meeting 2019

A copy of the presentation by Jeanne Cardona of ASBA introducing Miami as the location for the 2019 Annual Meeting

Other presentations and papers will follow in due course.


FONASBA is pleased to announce that the winner of the Young Ship Agent or Broker Award for 2017 is Niklas Soltow, a ship agent from Germany, pictured below:

His paper was extremely well-received by the judges, with Review Committee Chairman Gunnar J. Heinonen describing it as “just the type of paper we were expecting”. A copy of Niklas’ paper can be found here.

Close on the heels of Mr. Soltow’s paper was another excellent entry from Katy Aldrick from Kenya who won a Highly Commended award for her efforts. A copy of her paper can be found here. A further four entries were received from Argentina, Brazil, Croatia and a second from Kenya.

Mr.  Heinonen said “All the entries again this year have proved that the concept of the Award is a good one. We will continue to build on the experiences of the first three years to develop the Award to make it even more interesting to the growing number of young ship brokers and ship agents who represent the future of our profession”.

FONASBA once again thanks our colleagues at BIMCO and ITIC for their sponsorship of the Young Agent award prizes for 2017.

A copy of the press release issued by FONASBA on Monday 21st August can be found here.


Customs Issues Update

Hilde Bruggeman, coordinator of the ECASBA Customs Working Group, provides her latest summary of developments in relation to the Union Customs Code and other related issues

Customs Issues Update

The Reporting Formalities Directive Review 2017 – Where Do We Stand?

FONASBA General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS provides an update on progress towards a comprehensive review of the Directive

Reporting Formalities Directive Review 2017

The European Maritime Single Window

Capt. Peter Langebein, ECASBA representative on the e-Manifest Pilot project group, summarises the current state of the project

EMSW – The Agent’s View

Eventually Logistics Will Disrupt

A presentation on the threats posed by increasing logistics movements in Europe and a novel approach to solving them. A presentation by Alex Van Breedam, CEO of TRI-VIZOR

Eventually Logistics Will Disrupt – Or Be Disrupted

The Maritime Single Window – The Port Community System Operator’s View

A presentation by Richard Morton, Secretary General of the International Port Community Systems Association on the PCS’ view of the current state of the European Maritime Single  Window

Digitalisation and Simplification, the effect on the ship agent and the logistics chain

Other presentations will follow shortly


On 20th February, FONASBA was invited by BIMCO to participate in a webinar on the new Agency Appointment Agreement form and the FONASBA Quality Standard. The webinar was extremely well supported with over 300 participants  registering to view it.

In the first section, FONASBA President John Foord FICS, BIMCO Documentary Committee member Han van Blanken and ITIC Claims Director Andrew Jamieson discussed the new AA form, its development and its anticipated usage. They also responded to a number of questions sent in from the audience.

Following that, FONASBA General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS discussed the background to the Quality Standard, the requirements for obtaining it and the current level of implementation worldwide.

A recording of the webinar is now available but for the sake of clarity it has been split to show the two subjects separately. Both can be downloaded from this website.

The AAA recording can be found on our Documentation page here and the Quality Standard section here. Both are also available on the BIMCO YouTube channel.

FONASBA is very grateful to BIMCO for their generosity in hosting the two webinars and for their enthusiastic support for both the development of the AAA document and of the Quality Standard since its launch in 2007.




The influential Rotterdam-based shipping and logistics publication “Nieuwsblad Transport” this month interviewed Marco Tak of Dutch ship agents association VNC. The article specifically highlighted the enthusiasm with which the ship agency sector in the Netherlands has supported the introduction of the FONASBA Quality Standard. With the Standard only having been accredited in the Netherlands in September 2016, the number of companies currently approved to the Standard now stands at 22, with more expected in the coming weeks and months. The names of those companies are listed on the Quality Standard page of this website, and in the “Nieuwsblad Transport”article. More detailed information can be downloaded here.

Photographs of the ceremony held in early January to mark the award of the certificates to the first Dutch companies can be found on the VNC website and the “Nieuwsblad Transport” interview with Marco Tak (in Dutch) can be found here.