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The New Horizon – Issue 33

  • Sydney Annual Meeting Update
  • ECASBA Brussels Seminar Report
  • FONASBA Quality Standard – Malta and Japan Accredited
  • Europe Consults in Transport Policy, River Transport and Waste Reception
  • ECASBA Advisory Panel and FONASBA Executive Committee Meet
  • NIgeria and Greece Join FONASBA
  • CIANAM Meets in Buenos Aires
  • Port Procedures Survey Review Update
  • Cyprus
  • Slovenia

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The New Horizon – Issue 18

  • Advisory Panel and Executive Committee Meet
  • ECASBA attends European Maritime Industries Forum
  • 2005 Annual Meeting
  • Port Services Directive v2 – National action required
  • CIANAM to hold meeting in Uruguay
  • Hellenic Shipbrokers Association elects new Board
  • FONASBA London Secretariat
  • Late News

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