Opening Presentation

Mexican Ports Today – A presentation by Fernando Gamboa, General Director of Promotion and Port Management, General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine, the Secretariat of Communications and Transport

ECASBA Plenary Meeting

2018 European Customs Update – A summary of recent developments in EU customs legislation – Hilde Bruggeman, ECASBA Customs Coordinator

ECASBA Position Papers – An introduction to the launch of ECASBA position papers on specific topics – Marco Tak. ECASBA Vice Chairman

The European Maritime Single Window Environment 2018 – A review of recent developments in electronic ship reporting – Jonathan C. Williams FICS, General Manager

ECASBA Plenary Minutes 2018

Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Meeting

BIMCO Documentary Committee Update – An overview of the work of the Committee in 2018, presented by Søren Larsen, BIMCO Deputy Secretary General

INTERTANKO Documentary Committee Update – A summary of recent documentary issues under consideration by the INTERTANKO Committee, presented by Michele White,  General Counsel

ITIC Claims Review 2018 – A summary of issues giving rise to claims against shipbrokers and agents by Andrew Jamieson, ITIC Claims Director

Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Minutes 2018

Liner & Port Agency Committee Plenary Meeting

Technologies and Impacts on Shipping Agents – a presentation on the anticipated impacts of blockchain and other new technologies on the ship agency profession – Andre Zanin, Executive Director of FENAMAR

Reviewing the UNCTAD Minimum Standards – an introduction by General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS to FONASBA’s project to review and update the UNCTAD Minimum Standards for Ship Agents

FONASBA Quality Standard 2018 – a summary of the current status of the Quality Standard and its coverage of associations and companies

Developments in E-Maritime – an update on the current status of the IMO and European Maritime Single Window projects – Jonathan C. Williams FICS, General Manager

Liner & Port Agency Committee Plenary Minutes 2018

Member Association Seminar – “The International Scene”

The presentations made during the member association seminar organised by AMANAC:

Considerations on Port Development and Global Tendencies – Jorge Duran, Secretary, the Inter-american Committee on Ports

Actual Legal Concerns in the International Maritime Industry (Unmanned Vessels) – Juan Carlos Merodio López, Senior Partner M&L Estudio Legal

Council Meeting

Reports from FONASBA Regional Vice Presidents on membership, Quality Standard and other activities in their regions over the past year :

  • Africa and the Middle East – presented by Aziz Mantrach, Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East
  • The Americas – presented by Javier Dulce, Regional Vice President for the Americas
  • Asia – presented by Takazo Iigaki, Regional Vice President for Asia
  • Europe – presented by Antonio Belmar da Costa, Regional Vice President for Europe

FONASBA Education 2018 – an update on the status of FONASBA’s education programmes and initiatives – Capt. Jakov Karmelić, Education Vice President

FONASBA² – details of the new members-only website for companies in membership of FONASBA associations – Jonathan C. Williams FICS, General Manager

External Relations – a summary of FONASBA’s relations with international organisations, other industry bodies and other relevant entities – Jonathan Williams FICS, General Manager

Annual Meeting Miami 2019 – a presentation by Jeanne Cardona of ASBA (USA) Inc. on the location and programme for the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Council Meeting Plenary Minutes 2018

Group Photos

Photographs of the delegates and new executive committee members present at the Cancún Annual Meeting

2018 Delegate Photo

2018 – 2021 Executive Committee