ECASBA Plenary Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 ECASBA Plenary Meeting

ECASBA Brussels Representation

An initial proposal by ECASBA Chairman Antonio Belmar da Costa for the appointment of a Brussels representative for ECASBA.

Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Meeting

ITIC Claims Review 2017  

An update from Andrew Jamieson, Claims Director of ITIC, on the issues giving rise to claims by ship brokers and ship agents in the last year.

BIMCO Documentary Committee Update 

A presentation by Francis Sarre, Chairman of BIMCO’s Documentary Committee, on the documents under discussion by the Committee over the past year.

INTERTANKO Documentary Committee Update

Michele White, Legal Counsel to INTERTANKO, summarises the recent work of the INTERTANKO Documentary Committee .

The Shipbrokers’ Facebook page 

An introduction by Mohamed El Mezouar, Vice Chairman of the Chartering & Documentary Committee, to the new Facebook page dedicated to shipbrokers and shipbroking issues.

Liner & Port Agency Committee Plenary Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Liner & Port Agency Committee Plenary Meeting

CIANAM Range Committee Report

A report on recent activity in CIANAM, the regional ship agents’ association for the Americas.

The FONASBA Quality Standard

An update on the status of the Quality Standard, presented by FONASBA General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS

The FONASBA/BIMCO General Agency Agreement 

An introductory presentation by Simone Carlini MICS on the new agency appointment document being developed by FONASBA and BIMCO

E-Maritime Update 

A presentation by Jonathan Williams on the current status of the e-Maritime programmes by IMO and the European Commission.

Container Weighing Update 2017 

A summary of the present state of container weighing one year on from the implementation of the SOLAS VI.2 Regulation amendments.

Council Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Council Meeting

Reports from FONASBA Regional Vice Presidents on membership, Quality Standard and other activities in their regions over the past year :

  • Africa and the Middle East – presented by Aziz Mantrach, Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East
  • The Americas – presented by Javier Dulce, Regional Vice President for the Americas
  • Asia – presented by Takazo Iigaki, Regional Vice President for Asia
  • Europe – presented by Antonio Belmar da Costa, Regional Vice President for Europe

FONASBA Education Update. Presentations on two new education initiatives:

The FONASBA Agent Diploma 

An update by Jeanne Cardona of ASBA

The SAIL Programme 

An introduction to a new education and work exchange programme by Antonio Belmar da Costa, ECASBA Chairman

FONASBA Website Update 

Details of two new developments to enhance the value of the FONASBA website, presented by Jonathan Williams.

The Arab Federation of Chambers of Shipping  

A presentation by AFCS Chairman Admiral M. Hatim El Kady on the recent work of the Federation.

Annual Meeting 2018 

An update by Felipe Bracamontes Venegas, President of AMANAC on the programme for the 2018 Annual Meeting in Cancun.

Annual Meeting 2019

A copy of the presentation by Jeanne Cardona of ASBA introducing Miami as the location for the 2019 Annual Meeting

Other presentations and papers will follow in due course.