Customs Issues Update

Hilde Bruggeman, coordinator of the ECASBA Customs Working Group, provides her latest summary of developments in relation to the Union Customs Code and other related issues

Customs Issues Update

The Reporting Formalities Directive Review 2017 – Where Do We Stand?

FONASBA General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS provides an update on progress towards a comprehensive review of the Directive

Reporting Formalities Directive Review 2017

The European Maritime Single Window

Capt. Peter Langebein, ECASBA representative on the e-Manifest Pilot project group, summarises the current state of the project

EMSW – The Agent’s View

Eventually Logistics Will Disrupt

A presentation on the threats posed by increasing logistics movements in Europe and a novel approach to solving them. A presentation by Alex Van Breedam, CEO of TRI-VIZOR

Eventually Logistics Will Disrupt – Or Be Disrupted

The Maritime Single Window – The Port Community System Operator’s View

A presentation by Richard Morton, Secretary General of the International Port Community Systems Association on the PCS’ view of the current state of the European Maritime Single  Window

Digitalisation and Simplification, the effect on the ship agent and the logistics chain

Other presentations will follow shortly