On 20th February, FONASBA was invited by BIMCO to participate in a webinar on the new Agency Appointment Agreement form and the FONASBA Quality Standard. The webinar was extremely well supported with over 300 participants  registering to view it.

In the first section, FONASBA President John Foord FICS, BIMCO Documentary Committee member Han van Blanken and ITIC Claims Director Andrew Jamieson discussed the new AA form, its development and its anticipated usage. They also responded to a number of questions sent in from the audience.

Following that, FONASBA General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS discussed the background to the Quality Standard, the requirements for obtaining it and the current level of implementation worldwide.

A recording of the webinar is now available but for the sake of clarity it has been split to show the two subjects separately. Both can be downloaded from this website.

The AAA recording can be found on our Documentation page here and the Quality Standard section here. Both are also available on the BIMCO YouTube channel.

FONASBA is very grateful to BIMCO for their generosity in hosting the two webinars and for their enthusiastic support for both the development of the AAA document and of the Quality Standard since its launch in 2007.