2016 Annual Meeting London

ECASBA Plenary Meeting

European Issues Update
An overview of recent developments in European maritime policy presented by General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS and Customs Working Group Coordinator Hilde Bruggeman

ECASBA Seminar 2017, European Shipping Week
A preview of the programme for ECASBA’s 2017 seminar and for the wider European Shipping Week event

ECASBA Plenary Meeting Minutes

Chartering & Documentary Plenary Meeting

INDUSTRY BRIEFING – An Introduction to Freight Futures
A presentation by Robin King of the Baltic Exchange on the Freight Futures market

ITIC Claims Review 2016
An update from Andrew Jamieson, Claims Director of ITIC, on the issues giving rise to claims by ship brokers and ship agents in the last year

Market Outlook 2016
A presentation by Enrico Paglia of Banchero Costa on the current state of the market and looking forward to future developments.

“Is the Shipbroker a Dodo, heading for extinction?”

The 2016 Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Meeting concluded with a seminar on the future for shipbrokers in the face increasing technological developments such as online broking website and the proliferation of instant messaging applications.  The seminar was held in conjunction with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and featured a panel of industry experts in both broking and the provision of online services.

An edited video of the seminar can be viewed below.

Liner & Port Agency Plenary Meeting

An Introduction to MACN
A presentation by Maurice Meehan of BSR on the work of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

FONASBA Member Issues Summary
An update on the surveys carried out by the FONASBA Secretariat on behalf of Member associations over the past twelve months

Port Community Systems and the Agent
A presentation by Richard Morton of IPCSA on the relationship between port agents and port community systems providers

Container Weighing – September 2016 Update
A summary of the responses to the September update on the status of the SOLAS Regulation VI.2 update.

FONASBA Quality Standard Report and Criteria Review
A presentation on the current status of the FONASBA Quality Standard and the proposals for amending the minimum criteria.

Council Meeting

Annual Meeting Dubai 2017
An update from the Dubai Shipping Agents Association on the programme for the 2017 meeting

Annual Meeting Mexico 2018
A presentation from AMANAC on their initial proposals for the 2018 Annual Meeting in Cancun.

Reports from FONASBA Regional Vice Presidents on membership, Quality Standard and other activities in their regions over the past year :

  • Africa and the Middle East – presented by Aziz Mantrach, Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East
  • The Americas – presented by Javier Dulce, Regional Vice President for the Americas
  • Asia – presented by Takazo Iigaki, Regional Vice President for Asia
  • Europe – presented by Antonio Belmar da Costa, Regional Vice President for Europe

A summary of the results of the recent membership survey – presented by the President, Glen Gordon Findlay

The FONASBA Agent Diploma Initiative
A presentation by Jeanne Cardona of ASBA on the proposal to establish a FONASBA Agent Diploma