The amendments to SOLAS regulation 6.2 requiring the verification of the gross mass of containers  will be implemented with effect from 1st July 2016. In this regard, and with its ship agent members being a key link in the container transport chain,  FONASBA has supported the initiative since its inception and has been encouraging its member associations to engage with the relevant national authorities to have appropriate measures in place, and in good time, to ensure that introduction of the new regulations is accomplished as smoothly as possible.

During the summer of 2015, FONASBA surveyed its members to establish the current status of the preparations for implementation and the results were published at the plenary meeting of the Liner & Port Agency committee at the FONASBA 2015 Annual Meeting in Vitória, Brazil on 15th October.

Given the importance of this issue for international global container transportation, it has been decided to make the results of this survey available in the public domain and a summary of the responses received from member associations can be downloaded here: CONTAINER WEIGHING SURVEY 2015 RESPONSE SUMMARY

It is clear from the survey that many national authorities are far from ready for implementation of the new requiresments and FONASBA’s members are continuing to press those authorities for urgent action on this issue. In order to monitor progress in the months leading up to entry into force of the amendments,  FONASBA will  repeat the survey early in 2016 and the results will appear on this website shortly.