Concerns Over Delays to Customs Integration Expressed to Parliament and Commission

ECASBA has expressed its concerns about the failure of the “trilogue” (the joint decision-making body comprising the European Commission, European Parliament and Council) to reach agreement on the way forward for European customs integration. The trilogue met on 11th April but ultimately decided to postpone any further discussion for at least another four months. This further delay to the progress of customs integration, which is vital to enable the European transport industry to operate effectively, is extremely disappointing.

ECASBA has therefore taken the opportunity to express its views to both the European Parliament, via its IMCO consumer affairs committee, and to the Commission’s Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG-TAXUD). ECASBA’s twenty-one European Union member associations are also being asked to raise the issue directly with their own national administrations and their representatives in the European Parliament.

Copies of the letters are available here and here.