2015 Annual Meeting Vitoria

ECASBA Plenary Meeting

ECASBA Short Sea Shipping Working Group Report 2015

A presentation by Dr. Alexander Geisler, coordinator of the Working Group.

European Issues Update – Overview of the issues

An overview of the issues currently under discussion within ECASBA, presented by Jonathan C. Williams FICS, FONASBA General Manager.

European Issues Update – The Mona Lisa Project

A presentation by John A. Foord FICS, ECASBA representative on the steering committee, on the current status of this European ship traffic management project.

European Issues Update – The Union Customs Code

A presentation by Hilde Bruggeman, coordinator of the ECASBA Customs & Transit Working Group, on the current status of the Union Customs Code and its impact on ECASBA members.


Chartering & Documentary Committee Plenary Meeting

Who are you fixing with?

A presentation by Andrew Jamieson, Claims Director of ITIC, on some of the issues for brokers and agents in identifying a counterparty.

INTERTANKO Documentary Committee Report 2015

An update on the work of the INTERTANKO Documentary Committee by Michele White, Counsel to INTERTANKO.

BIMCO Documentary Committee Report 2015

A summary of recent activity by BIMCO’s Documentary Committee, presented by Francis Sarre, Chairman of the Committee, and Søren Larsen, Deputy Secretary General.

Cabotage in Brazil

An introduction to the cabotage regulations in Brazil and their impact on freight movements. Presented by Cleber Lucas of ABAC.


Liner & Port Agency Committee Plenary Meeting

Westpac & Indian Ocean Range Committee Range Report

An overview of recent activity and analysis of market trends in the Asia-Pacific Region. Presented by Takazo Iigaki, Regional Vice President for Asia.

Port Procedures Survey Update 2015

An overview of the current status of FONASBA’s Port Procedures Survey initiative, presented by John A. Foord FICS, FONASBA President Designate.

IMO Container Weighing Initiative Presentation

A summary of the results of FONASBA’s recent survey of the status of implementation of the IMO amendments to SOLAS VI, chapter 2. Presented by John A. Foord FICS, FONASBA President Designate.

Brazilian Dry Bulk Cargoes Market

A presentation on the current state of the Brazilian bulk cargo market, introduced by Marcelo Neri of FENAMAR

Container Market Update 2015

The annual review of the state of the container shipping market, introduced by Rodolfo Garcia-Pineiro, Vice Chairman of the Liner & Port Agency Committee.

Member Survey Summary

A summary of recent surveys undertaken by FONASBA on behalf of its members. Presented by Jonathan C. Williams FICS, FONASBA General Manager


Council Meeting

A copy of the 2015 Membership Survey is available here