FONASBA is now taking bookings for advertisements on this website.

This website is the “go to” resource for ship owners, operators, charterers and others seeking ship agents and ship brokers, as well as those seeking more information on the activities of our members.

The site currently receives in excess of 5,000 hits every month† and with  it now being fully responsive the number of hits is expected to increase. Opportunities to advertise on the site will therefore directly appeal to any company (be they linked to FONASBA or not) that wishes to promote its services to our website visitors.

Rates start at £200 per month for advertisements on the inside pages of the site and £500 per month on the home page. A maximum of three advertisements will appear at the same time on each page. Illustrations of the default page layout are shown below. Larger formats are also available and volume and period discounts will be considered on request. Linking advertisements to specific pages on the website, for example the Quality Standard or education pages, is also possible.

Expressions of interest in taking advertising space should be sent to the FONASBA Secretariat ( for further action.

† Unaudited.


Advertisement Sizes: The standard layout of advertisements on the home and inside pages are shown in the mock-ups below.  Requests for other formats or positions should be sent to the Secretariat for consideration.


HOME PAGE (click on the image to enlarge)


INSIDE PAGES (click on the image to enlarge)

Presentation of Advertisements on the Site: In order to ensure adequate exposure, the total number of advertisements will be limited to a maximum of 21 on the home page and 42 on inside pages, at any one time. Advertisements will be randomly chosen in groups of three and on the home page those groups will scroll horizontally. On the inside pages they will rotate. The screen-shots below indicate the layout and appearance of both the home and inside pages

The default image size is: 900 pixels wide by 512 pixels high for the home page and 360 pixels wide by 540 pixels high for the inside pages, all at 150 dpi.

Acceptable file types are: .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .eps, .tiff, .svg, .psd (native Adobe Photoshop), .ai (native Adobe Illustrator), .pdf. Other formats may be accepted on request.

Suitability of Advertisements for the Site:

Publication of advertisements on the site will be at the sole discretion of FONASBA and will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Please note that:

FONASBA reserves the right to refuse and advertisement that it deems unsuitable for the site or that may be considered detrimental to the best interests of the Federation and or its members.

Should an advertisement be refused, FONASBA will be under no obligation to give reasons for the refusal.

Contracts and Payment:

The period of an advertising contract will be agreed in advance between the advertiser and FONASBA. The minimum contract period is three months. Requests to renew a contract should be given in writing at least one month in advance of the termination date.

An invoice will be issued by FONASBA once the advertisement has been accepted (see above). Payment for advertisements will be due in advance of it appearing on the website. Where a contract is extended, the additional payment will be due prior to the end of the original period.

The above information is available in printed form by clicking here.