2010 ECASBA Seminar Gijon – Presentations

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Customs Developments – the Real World View
A look at Modernised Customs Code project from the trade point of view – Jonathan C. Williams FICS, FONASBA General Manager.

Customs Union – What is Happening?
DG-TAXUD’s overview of the current state of the Modernised Customs Code project – Maria-Manuela Cabral, Head of Unit A1, DG-TAXUD.

e-Maritime – The Agent’s View
A presentation on the anticipated impact of the e-Maritime initiative on the ship agency sector – Jonathan C. Williams FICS, FONASBA General Manager.

e-Maritime and the Stakeholders
DG-MOVE’s official view of the scope and coverage of the e-Maritime programme – Patrick Norroy, Policy Office, Unit G2, DG-MOVE.

Future European Maritime Policy
A look ahead to what can be expected from Brussels in the coming months – Diego Teurelincx, ECASBA Brussels representative and Secretary General FEPORT.

Short Sea Shipping and Commodality
A look at the current status of short sea shipping in Europe – Jose Francisco Vidal, Chairman the European Short Sea Network.

The Current State of Play
A review of ECASBA’s activity on maritime policy issues over the last twelve months – Jonathan C. Williams FICS, FONASBA General Manager.