2014 ECASBA Seminar Naples – Presentations

ECASBA’s Future Customs Strategy

A presentation of the future direction of ECASBA’s actions on European customs policy. Presented by Eugene Vanfleteren, ECASBA Vice Chairman


e-Navigation, From Concept to Reality

An overview of the current status of the European e-Navigation project. Presented by Markku Mylly, Executive Director of the European Maritime Safety Authority

European Port Community Systems “Intelligent Exchange”

An introduction to the work of the European Port Community Systems Association. Presented by Alan Long, EPCSA Chairman

EU e-Maritime Policy Update 2014

A review of recent progress towards the implementation of e-Maritime across Europe. Presented by Jukka Savo, Policy Officer DG-MOVE

INDRA – an introduction

A presentation by INDRA on their work in developing technological solutions for the maritime industry. Presented by Catarina Henriques

The Importance of training and knowledge in Short Sea Shipping, e-Freight and e-Maritime

An overview of the work of the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S). Presented by Eduardo Rodes, 2E3S Principal


“European Ports, an engine of growth” One Year On

An update on the current status of the European port policy project. Presented by Jonathan C. Williams FICS, ECASBA General Manager, on behalf of Dimitrios Theologitis, Head of the Ports Policy Unit at DG-MOVE


The Italian National Single Window

Developing the Italian Single Window project. Presented by Rear Admiral Piero Pellizzari of the Italian Coast Guard

ePort, the Genoa Port Community System

An introduction to the port community system in Genoa. Presented by Giorgio Cavo, Technical Adviser to Assagenti-Spediporto

e-Maritime = e-Nnovation

A light-heated look at the development of e-Maritime. Presented by Simone Carlini, Vice President of the Grupo Giovani FEDERAGENTI

The Logistical and Economic Route

A review of the economic, geographical and logistical factors affecting Italy maritime trade. Presented by Alessandro Panaro, Head of Infrastructure at SRM